Q: To whom is 4Beats most suitable for?A: 4Beats is designed for enthusiasts and beginners of all ages, those who want to create complete songs even if there’s no time for learning.
Q: Has 4Beats been designed for advanced/professional musicians?A: Not for now.
Q: Is 4Beats free?A: Yes, start for free with 270 samples and subscribe later if you fall in love with and would like to support our independent and compact team.
Q: Why the audio samples list becomes shorter when I select certain sample?A: All samples have their specific BPM (Beats Per Minute), when a certain sample is selected, 4Beats automatically filters the rest of the samples in order to insure perfect match.
Q: I’m a paid (premium) iOS user, but I’m also planning to get an Android device. Will it work there too?A: Yes, once you become a paid (Premium) user, your subscription applies to both platforms, iOS and Android.
Q: My edits of the Demo Song are never saved when I exit the project?A: The Demo Song serves as the perfect example of what 4Beats is capable of. That's why it is not editable, so it is always in good shape.
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